Yes, I’m naming this post after a frustrated sound one makes blowing air through pressed lips. Also up for consideration was “the day I fell off the earth” but that seemed a bit too much. Anyway. Recently I’ve made some … Read More

3D frustrations

So I was hoping by this point in time I’d have a 3D print of MOSI to show to y’all and make a video about, but I don’t. After 3 failed attempts to print it, and making at least 20 … Read More

More arcadeTonic news

I am pleased to announce that arcadetonic is on scheduleĀ for an early November release. At this point I’ve created 9 games, many of which were shown in the video teaser. Sadly I’ve had to drop cloud save games, due to … Read More

Master plan

I figured I should try to get my mind off how unnecessarily stressful my job is and onto something more constructive. So here’s the current “master to do list” for the next year or so. The order here means nothing, … Read More