Master plan

I figured I should try to get my mind off how unnecessarily stressful my job is and onto something more constructive. So here’s the current “master to do list” for the next year or so. The order here means nothing, and some of these may never be completed.

  • Update FunLand main street
  • Add more to the keys & clock tower quests
  • Finish MOSI
  • Learn more about 3D printing one of my builds.
  • Finish skyline renovation & audio
  • Add city area to 1971 factory
  • Create 50s horror map
  • Create survival based map with upgrades, possibly merge with above
  • Redo both up & out elevators
  • Refurbish 1971 factory, especially the wonka wash and tv rooms.
  • Redo parkour room
  • Create on ride audio for polar express (multi-part to solve the sync problem)
  • Forward old server addresses to new ones

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