Yes, I’m naming this post after a frustrated sound one makes blowing air through pressed lips. Also up for consideration was “the day I fell off the earth” but that seemed a bit too much.

Anyway. Recently I’ve made some poor personal decisions that have given me a great deal of things to consider, along with its cousin depression. Fun stuff. For those that have been paying attention, ArcadeTonic was supposed to release early November. Its now early December and still not out. The 3D printed Minecraft video was supposed to release on Sunday, but didn’t premier until Tuesday. Reasoning behind all this is because as of late I’ve felt un-motivated on everything.

I actually ran across an old friend that helped me make a couple of Lego animations, and he will help me with creating better art for ArcadeTonic so that’s promising. I have a lot of ideas on things I want to do and make, the current issue is getting myself to actually make them, and figuring out the details.

So why did I write out all this? (Because it sure as hell ain’t for the $1 a month this site makes) Besides keeping the 10 people that read this blog informed, its more for me than anything. I just wanted to get everything out there.

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