I’ve redesigned my SKEE-BALL machine from the ground up. Made using only LEGO parts (and extension cables), this machine features scoring, a plunger launcher, 3 light up targets, and game card reader. The aim of this redesign was to address … Read More

LEGO Pinball Machine

I have designed a Lego city themed pinball machine, to be built using only Lego. It will feature a plunger, flippers, multiball, bank with “destructable” door, and lighting. This will be the 4th arcade machine I’ve built. After inventorying the … Read More

ICB Arcade Game

Based on the Ice Cold Beer arcade game, (also called Zeke’s Peak), this game uses 600+ lines of code and features 4 targets, joystick controls, attract mode, music and lighting effects. Design Process:

Destructive Golf

Based on a pretend game we would play in grade school, shoot a ball and destroy as much stuff in the room as possible as it ricochets off objects! My high score is 14. Comment yours below!

Mars Mission Maze

Depart from the Mars Vehicle Bay, to inspect and maintain the satellite dish, solar panel, and oxygen filtration system. Made for the Ideas Maze set, using only parts from it and the Mars Spacecraft Exploration Missions set. The tan walls … Read More

Chaos Tower: Hi Rise

When I was a kid one year for Christmas I received the Chaos Tower for Christmas. I loved building marble runs and so this was like the next step for me. The completed build was taller than me! The motor … Read More

ImagineMC Server

2022 ImagineMC ceases operation. The following statement is released: After 8 years of entertaining guests with unique and innovation experiences, ImagineMC concluded operation on December 8th. This was not an easy decision for any of us to make, but the … Read More