Frequently Asked Questions

Only download my work from the website. Any other site that offers you one of my downloads is a fake and might be malware!

Under the “My Work” page, click on the “Downloads” filter option. This will show you all projects that have a download option. From there, select a project, then click the blue download button. If a page does NOT have a download button, then it is NOT available for download (such as the Chocolate Factories, HTML projects, and IRL projects).

Projects get released when they are completed and when I have the time. Things sometimes get delayed due to working with new stuff, or burnout. Asking (especially repeatedly) won’t make the process any faster.

Yes, so long as you include the website address, ( in the description or writing of the content near the top. You are not allowed to re-post my content without attribution, or make revenue from it, unless if it falls under fair use. For the complete licensing agreement of my work click here.

I create general tutorials on broad, high level concepts (This means talking about the general process of how things are made). I will not do specific build tutorials (such as how to exactly build things, or step by steps). Reason being, these are my adaptions; while your welcome to use my work as inspiration or adapt/remix it, please don’t make a carbon copy of it.

For most users I recommend Lenovo, because of their high quality and customizability (#notSponsored). My Personal Desktop is custom and you can read about it here.

The best way to support me is by watching my videos on the Eclectic Inventor channel, and sharing them, and disabling adblock. If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, you can also buy my merch!

The Eclectic Inventor is my pen name of sorts. I, “Eclectic Inventor”, am one person, and everything on my website and YouTube channel was made in part, or entirely by myself.

Some projects I decide to abandon, here are some times are reasons it happened:

  • Project became too complicated/impractical to complete (Minecraft Spongebob World)
  • Someone else is able to do it better (Minecraft Haunted Mansion Replica)
  • I lost Interest (LEGO Animations)
  • Software stopped being supported (Algodoo)
  • Negative community reaction (Minecraft Tron Ride)

Privacy Policy

TL;DR – We don’t sell any personal data. If your paranoid you can read the entire policy by clicking here.


Only download my work from the website or the MrWonka Planet Minecraft, any other site that offers you one of my downloads is a fake and might be malware!


Send a message to me. Don’t worry I don’t have any news letters or give your address to anyone else.