Seeing What’s Next

After a bit of a brake from everything, and putting myself back together, I’ve decided what I want to do going forward. I just got done having a major fallout with my ex, which made me sit down and think about whats really important to me, and now I know that its all of you. I’ve been focusing on my health and mental well being, which has definitely helped with everything.

On the server side of things, I promoted JsMovieguy to Co-Owner, so that way the server can now have someone managing day to day operations, and together we were able to begin the FunLand Forever Project. We got horrorland fixed up and made several major improvements and additions you’ll have to see for yourself.

ArcadeTonic is coming along nicely and is becoming closer to my initial concept. The next big stage will be working with others to get the sprites and art done. I expect to go to public beta late October early November. As this is my first app, I want to do it right.

I finally see what I need to be free

Far from what I was lead to believe

No holding back I’ve made up my mind

Seeing what’s next stop

Not sure what I’ll find

Holding the key from leaving my hands

I’m looking forward I know where I stand

And this is it I have nothing to lose

Now is the right time I’m making my move

Seeing what’s next by Hollywood Principle

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