Spongebob Replica

  • Minecraft Version: 1.7
  • Also made by: Minifigjoe, WizardSkinner, Harley6000

I grew up watching spongebob (primarily the 4 original seasons) and so in 2013 after looking through Minecraft videos I felt I should do my own replica of bikini bottom. My ace in the hole was that Instead of trying to do oversized exteriors or tiny interiors, I would do solve the problem by means of teleportation, thus having correctly sized interiors and exterior (theoretically). This was the first world you could download which I hosted on the server, so that people could visit it, and I would also have the server tools to assist in the construction.

All was not well though. First, I marketed my world as being “THE BEST” which, while I believed (and still do) that it was, commenters were quick to let me know their opinions on this claim. This taught me an important lesson in humility, and in 2014 I stopped using the title. (Although you can still find evidence of this in the Planet Minecraft URL, which has the original name “the-best-replica-of-bikini-bottom”). Just to add some more salt to the wound, right as I was about to update the online world file, I accidentally deleted my local copy, thus meaning I had to redo all the work I already did between versions.

In the end, I found that the spongebob Minecraft market is simply too saturated so putting fourth the amount of effort would not make sense for such little attention and gains.

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