After seeing how much fun it was to create my own custom LEGO maze, I decided to play around with the LEGO Powered Up/Spike Prime/MINDSTORMS/WeDo 2.0/WhateverTheNameIsThisMonth system to create an arcade machine. This was inspired by a cardboard SKEE-BALL machine I made when I was younger, that used the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 computer and motors to operate it. Looking on YouTube, I was largely disappointed by the SKEE-BALL machines made by other creators, and felt I could create a more true to life version, using Technic parts. After 7 (4 in software, then another 3 in real life) design iterations, this was the final result.

Design Process:

You’ll notice the design is a bit different from the final build. This was due to it being too fragile, and difficult. The upper targets were literally impossible to score, and so I removed them.

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