+ Added flying tickets to XTRM wheels

+ Added shameless self promotion link button to main menu

+ Added a surprise for pirates

* Fixed balls sometimes hanging in the air in Factory Catastrophe

* Fixed some old (bad) code for pop-ups that may of been causing problems

+ Added factory catastrophe and boxr leader-boards

* Fixed the large coin paying out indefinitely & not creating the ticket icon

* Fixed an off by one error with the boat load and games unlocked leader-boards

* Fixed the welcome message appearing multiple times

– Prevented loading of currently unused assets

* Fixed the large coin not working properly in coin pusher

* Lowered the payout in Boat Load

* Possible fix to items not reacting to gravity

+ Added Games Unlocked and Boat Load scoreboards

* Fixed a bug where you weren’t charged for the Boat Load game

Original Post:

After getting stuck in development hell, I am pleased to finally release ArcadeTonic for FREE (with ads) to the public on Kongregate. ArcadeTonic gives you the experience of the arcade, without the money! Featuring 8 legally ambiguous games, from coin pushers to air hockey, your guaranteed sure to find your favorite! If it does well I will add more games and upgrades.

So what the hell happened anyway? If you watched my announcement of the project on YouTube (click here) you will have noted that at the end it says that I will have an open beta in September 2018. That didn’t happen. Its now July 2019. So, the tl;dr version is that my other app, the Rolling Marble Clock failed horribly. Only 4 people bought it, and one refunded, a $0.99 novelty app. I was initially planning to use a free-to-play model using ads and in-app purchases, but the engine that I used, Construct 3, sucks at doing that, and I spent more time trying to get that to work than making the game itself (mild exaggeration).

It was also clear that I couldn’t charge money for the app, as it would seem that people would rather *not* (to put it nicely) pay money for an app. Also adding to my problems was that the two people I was hoping would create art for me both couldn’t (Come to find out artist and digital artist are leagues apart). So I said screw it and just gave up on the project for a while. After completing the 1.13 spawn project I decided to resume work on the app and create the rest of the art myself, along with re-balancing the games since they would no longer be using a free-to-play model. And here we are today, with the app FINALLY releasing, but only as an online game and not an app. So yeah.

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