Youtuber Parody story

Those that have been following my channel closely will know about the short lived YouTuber parody channel, of which I’ve since deleted and uploaded most of the videos to my main channel.

The idea behind the channel was to make snappy parody videos that would be in the style of the original channel. I had actually been throwing around the idea a year in advance, and wrote out my first script, Mickey views. I wanted the channel to be separated from my main because the humor would edgy and explicit, unlike my family friendly main channel. (A good example of this is the­ cinema sins video) each video was very labor intensive, and often involved me learning a new video editing skill.

At first the channel did well as people came over from the main channel to the new one, then something happened that I never expected: nothing. Channel growth came to a complete hault. I still kept making new videos with the hopes that it would attract a new audience but alas that was not the case. I quickly learned that searching Youtuber Parody didn’t even bring up the channel, even if you specified channels. I tried changing the name to barely original, but I simply couldn’t bale water out of the sinking submarine. I was still very proud of my videos and the work I had put in them, but it didn’t make sense to put so much effort into content only a couple people would watch.

Shortly before I ceased operation I was working on a scripts for Buzzfeed, Mumbo Jumbo, MrWonka, and had filmed a pewdiepie video. All of these were scrapped and eventually everything was deleted.

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