whoops/Warner Brothers Rant

So I somehow broke the website and it had to be rolled back to a couple of days ago. I’ve managed to get everything back online, and to re-create the previous blog post. At this time I am debating what my next project will be, as I have several ideas I’ve been throwing around.

Also, Let’s talk about Warner Brothers. Both wonka factory movies and the polar express are owned by them, hence I’ve wound up using a lot of one companies content for a while without noticing it. About a year ago I made an attempt to contact them and possibly get more work featured, since it uses their properties. It should also be noted that of the two factory’s and the PE, I’ve made $0.00, because I used the audio so extensively. I have reached out to WB to try to buy the rights to use the audio, however they have responded to none of my communications.

It is at this point I’ve decided to become more diligent with how I use audio in my future works. Some of my keen viewers may have noticed that I recently pulled down my Polar Express video, as it was my most viewed video, yet was making me no money, and gaining me no subscribers.

At this point I have decided to redo the audio on that video so that it qualifies as fair use, and WB will stop making bank off my work. I plan to re-upload the video with subscriber notifications disabled, as to not piss off everyone that’s been watching since then.

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