Who ya gonna call?

Even though we are all stuck indoors, this Halloween is gonna be big.

My apartment room’s porch

Jurassic World has a new Halloween overlay. Not only have the dinosaurs from Predator Cove escaped, they’ve destroyed the park and eaten guests, staff, and even other dinosaurs! This overlay is a limited time event until early November.

After over a year in production, we are finally ready to premier our latest ride, GhostBusters: Phantom Blast! This interactive dark ride features scenes and audio from every GhostBusters movie, and the video game. The ending changes based on how many ghouls you can take down. This attraction will be opening later this week, and will be a permanent addition to FunLand

Lastly, Jack Skellington has overtaken the Haunted Mansion! This overlay of the classic attraction is inspired by the DisneyLand overlay of the same theme. It will be opening later this month, and will be a limited time offering

Finally, I wanted to make an update about the future ImagineMC Server ownership situation. We have found 3 interested parties, with one being able to host when the time comes, so you can get out from under your doomsday-proofed-desks.

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