Where’s The Fair Use?

I expected to be writing about the horrible hurricane, but here in Tampa we have horrifying light winds and rainfall. But today I’m facing another storm. On my latest video, the 2017 walkthrough of FunLand I came into an issue.

Unlike the 2015 walkthrough which was much shorter and used comparably little copyrighted audio, the 2017 did. And a lot. So I arrived at the solution that (as per rule of thumb) any copyrighted audio longer than 30 seconds I would cut off and replace with public domain audio. After an hour of editing I uploaded it and…

Good grief. Some of them were resolved by shortening the audio to 20 seconds, but others, namely Ellen’s energy adventure by Disney, Test Track by Disney, and New Game by Monster Cat (which ironically uses fair use for game sounds) were all were un-coporeative little %$&^ that won’t let you use more than 5 seconds of their 3+ minute songs. I’m just an internet nobody, but this doesn’t seem very FAIR to me.

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