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Its been two months since my last post here? Whoops. So, I guess I’ll tell ya what’s been going on. First, I got a new car (mom’s idea surprisingly enough), the 2020 Kia Niro Hybrid. I have designated it the Encom Transit (Encom is the fictional company that created TRON).

Unfortunately, literally a day after receiving it, the check engine light came on. It took the dealership nearly a week to fix it, largely due to incompetence. It would seem the issue is due to the flap system located in the hood not being happy with the car’s firmware. When I went to pickup the car, the light came on again in less than a minute. Now that I’m back in Tampa, the light has returned twice (It turned off once on its own).

I also created a display case for the 3D printed MOSI using a case designed for a golf-ball and scorecard. I cut off the edge of one side of the black plastic so it would sit flat(ter), and tapped some black paper over the hole in the case.

I also just moved into my apartment for the next year, so I’ve spent a lot of time setting it up to be nice, and classes have started today. Also, for bonus points, I’ve fixed some backend issues with the website I was experiencing.

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