The Game has changed

So, a lot has changed since my last blog post. As a result of the current “unpleasantness”, I’m now living at my mother’s house and we are having a competition to see who can be louder while the other is sleeping. Seems to be a tie at the moment. Also, the staff and I have had more time to work on stuff, and we have opened 5 new attractions in less than a month, with 3 more in the works. We have also seen more players visiting and returning, and have reached 8 players without any lag!

Also, I’ve been doing a lot in the background, with major help from Ranni and the themepark team, I’ve been working on what I call ImagineMC 3.0. This is web integration and communication from the server to the websites. Already we have the new OpenAudioMC system, which uses 149+ audio files, and the themepark system, which handles ride photos, lights, gates, counters, and lets us control rides online. In the future, will be a new companion site to the server, offering ride listing and status, server map, and more useful features.

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