The future of ImagineMC and YOU!

YOU! YES YOU! READING THIS! Do you like ImagineMC and want to help it keep running? Then I’ve got an opportunity for you!

I’ve been the sole owner and operator for ImagineMC for over six years. However over this time I’ve become tired of Minecraft, and the endless updating and fixing involved, not to say anything of how much money I’ve poured into it. I’m not definitively saying I’m quitting Minecraft forever, but that I do not wish to carry the burden of the server any longer. (I’ve done a great job of selling it so far haven’t I?) That being said, running it has been very rewarding, and allowed me to meet many great people I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Here’s where you come in

I know the server means a lot to a lot of people, and I’m no longer opposed to someone else taking over. SO. You have the opportunity to host the server! What this means is:

  • You get to work with the fantastic ImagineMC build team
  • You/your team would be responsible for maintaining, updating, and running the server, including hosting
  • You would get to keep using the domain FOR FREE
  • You receive all the server files, including worlds and plugins
  • You could add survival, creative, or skyblock

I know this is a lot to ask. The new host would have to choose a hosting solution, work with the files, and pay for applicable hosting expenses (except for the domain, which I’ll provide). In return, I’ll do my best to help get everything off the ground, but beyond that your free to do whatever you want, so long as your not going through and deleting everything in mass.

I will provide hosting until March


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