The ArcadeTonic Turnabout

Video becomes public Aug 11 – Game is out now.

So the last couple of days have been rather eventful. Besides being VERY busy at work (Volcano Bay entrance operations), I had finally decided to finish ArcadeTonic (thanks in part to Pifase for nudging me). There’s the full story on the My Work Page, but the end result is that ArcadeTonic, which has spent two years in on again off again development has finally released on Kongregate with leaderboard support.

I didn’t make an announcement at the time as I (correctly) figured the game still had some bugs and rough edges. 3 patches later thanks largely to Kongregate users reporting issues and friends testing the game, I’ve gotten it to a “complete” state. If all goes well I’ll continue working on it, but I feel like I’ve said that too often for too many projects at this point.

Yesterday I finally had my first day off in a while, so I decided to work on my website and added the YouTube page. This has the advantage of having everything on one page and everything is my content, so that you don’t *accidentally* click on someone’s similar video.

Even though I’ve gone through the motions several times now, I’m yet again feeling “Post-project depression“. I’ve felt this after releasing my chocolate factories, polar express, and now ArcadeTonic. I would of expected that by this point it shouldn’t happen anymore, but that’s life. As my Eagle Scout mentor often gracefully reminded me, “suck it up buttercup”

I need to stop worrying about things I can’t control
I need to stop worrying about the dollars I don’t own
I gotta stop worrying about the things I cannot know
But sometimes it feels so good

From The Turntable Turnabout by MysterySkulls

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