Site enhancements abound

Now that I’m FINALLY not working my butt off, I’ve had time to do more quality of life and feature improvements to the site! The site now has:

  • Share Buttons (Update: I’ve since removed the Facebook share button as it tracks users)
  • Like Buttons
  • Social Buttons at the bottom of all pages
  • Better pages for sorting blog posts
  • A “Literally Everything” page for blog posts
  • Sort options for My work
  • Sort specific pages (Meaning you can bookmark the page that just shows Minecraft stuff if your only interested in that)
  • Basic instructions on how to open/run stuff on the sort specific pages
  • My work sorting in the menu bar (no more having to load the main page to sort stuff)
  • WAY better archive page

Speaking of which, here’s a photo comparison of what the 2018 page looked like VS the 2020 one.

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