So things for me have been very hectic, busy, and stressful. So much so that I’ve effectively halted ALL projects I had been working on (about 4 or so). So here’s what’s been happening. Rent at my apartment went up so much that it would cost most of my paycheck. Thanks to my mother, we were able to finance a condo, but it’s in much worse shape than we had initially though, for example:

The water heater was literally sinking INTO the floor of the second story. After it was removed, all of this concrete crumbled away like Play-Doh.

So this has become my life now. It feels like that I’m not working or sleeping, I’m doing all I can to repair the condo. So far this has included:

  • Replacing a door handle that was taped on
  • Installing a new deadbolt lock
  • Patching many, many, many, holes
  • Replacing a low hanging lamp I’d repeatedly whacked my head on
  • Removing blinds that had broken strings

So as you may imagine, that has all been a bit much for me, mentally, physically, and financially. On the bright side, I’ve gotten to install and play with several different smart technologies, so in a way, this has become my new project, albeit not fully by choice. I’m considering making a showcase video. Hopefully in a few months I’ll be able to return to creating content.

Hollow shell
Look me in the eyes and see I’m numb
I’ve come undone
Let me go
I’m sorry that I can’t be what you want
My heart is gone

Don’t know why we fell apart
The feeling sets in
But only after dark

After Dark by Essenger

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