Revenge of The Grid 1.2 (no rest for the weary)

Update: March 6th 2020. After contacting ebay I learned I would be paying for return shipping, and they wouldn’t help with a dispute unless I got the item back. After haggling with the buyer I got him to agree to $15. It’s still $15 more than I thought he deserved.

Original post: Okay this is going to be a bit rant-y.

I’m already busy IRL with the server anniversary on march 8th, my college assignments, and trying to lose weight and take care of myself.

I recently sold the remaining parts of The Grid 1.2 on an eBay auction. The description read “This is not a complete computer, all items are used, included is an Intel i7-4770 processor, 16GB pc3 ram, Dell XPS motherboard and case. The Intel processor has never been removed and no pins are bent or missing. All ports and components are in very good working condition with exception to the FRONT USB connections which can be hit or miss.” I offered free shipping and it sold for $138, way less than I had hoped.

The buyer appears to be a reseller that will take it apart and sell the parts individually. That’s fine. But just hours ago he filed a return as “Defective or damaged on arrival”. In the comment he says “The motherboard is not usable. It has missing CPU fan receivers. I cannot put on OEM cpu fan on it. It has missing bios battery too. Please let me know if you want me to send the whole thing back or you want to refund for the motherboard. Thanks”

WHAT?! At no point did he message me with questions. I believe its a reasonable assumption that the bracket is not included if the fan isn’t but apparently that wasn’t obvious enough. The battery was 7 years old, and might of burst during shipping, hence my removal of it. Both parts can be replaced for $15. He later clarified that the motherboard itself is not the issue.

Now you may be wondering “Why don’t you refund him $15?”. I’m no math major, but looking at the conservative prices of these parts individually amounts to

  • $34 for RAM
  • $65 motherboard
  • $100 CPU
  • $20 case
  • $50 shipping (my personal cost)

He bought it for $138, so that comes out to an $131 difference counting shipping, $81 without. Either way -$15 he’s still ahead. I’ve reported this baloney to eBay and am now waiting their response.

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