Perpetual testing initiative

If you’ve been watching my YouTube channel you may have notice I’ve recently redone my intro and outro. I’ve also been experimenting with some new content such as the How Its Made series and my Every Universal Ride Reviewed in 10 Words or Less (which will go public tomorrow)

This video is takes the record of the most complicated edit, with having spent 4 hours on it. If it does well I’d like to make more. As long time viewers know, or those that have looked at my upload history, my channel has always shifted in the exact type of content I’ve created, and I intend to keep doing so. I want to make things that I enjoy making, and previous months were beginning to ware on me on how one-trick-pony my content was becoming.

Before the mass panic begins, no, I’m not giving up Minecraft or the ImagineMC server. Nor do I intend to for the time being. I can’t promise that I’ll never give up on those though, as I would of likely said the same for Algodoo (no longer updated) or even Club Penguin (offline).

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