Pain, anguish, defeat.

Jan 12th 2020 Update: The wayback machine now ignores robots.txt requests, thus you can now access the site on the archive. The domain is now dead, with no site being hosted.

A couple of days ago I decided to check on how the troop website I had helped redo was doing. For a bit of context, I’m an Eagle Scout, but before all that I was a humble webmaster, and took it upon myself to redo the troops awful website, which was built with Webs (Don’t use webs. They suck.). The website originally had 3 rows of buttons at the top and some pages had data that was outdated by many years. After a month of working on it, I finished the sparkly new website, with only 1 row of buttons now.

So when I checked on the website, I about fell out of my seat when I was sent to this…

A Chinese air humidifier website. All text is in Chinese with many numbers.

I quickly remembered and rejoiced that I had backed up the site with the WayBack machine (not sponsored) but then after I typed in the url, this appeared

Page cannot be displayed due to robots.txt.

yep. My troop failed to pay for the domain after I left and a Chinese air humidifier company snatched it. wow. Just. Wow.  I couldn’t dream up a better story than this.

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