Website referb complete!

Woo! After 2 weeks of work amounting to about 10 hours, I’ve completed the new website refurbishment. This fixes a lot of janky issues the old version had, primarily to do with objects overlapping, load times being atrocious, and having … Read More

911, whats your emergency?

This was not a post I thought I’d ever be writing. I’ve gone 20 years now without needing any emergency services. This streak ended on November 13th. I’ve been “forced” to rent a room near universal because 1, most hotels … Read More

Do it all again

Whew. I survived Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. I’ve now seen everything. Both the best and worst in people, especially considering how drunk some people got before even entering the park. I was finally able to find the guest compliments left … Read More

Whats up danger?

Once more I’ve been feeling the first semester blues. You would think that after 3 years of college I’d have it figured out by now but that’s life. To cope with stress (or perhaps avoid it) I’ve been posting A … Read More

Where’s The Fair Use?

I expected to be writing about the horrible hurricane, but here in Tampa we have horrifying light winds and rainfall. But today I’m facing another storm. On my latest video, the 2017 walkthrough of FunLand I came into an issue. … Read More

Happy Birth Anniversary

Today is my 20th birth-anniversary (Because you have a wedding day, then each subsequent year a wedding anniversary). Today I’ve enjoyed a day off and talked with my family and had lunch with my day. I also bought Super Mario … Read More


Updates Original Post: After getting stuck in development hell, I am pleased to finally release ArcadeTonic for FREE (with ads) to the public on Kongregate. ArcadeTonic gives you the experience of the arcade, without the money! Featuring 8 legally ambiguous … Read More