Papers Please

I created this as my final project from a summer camp called ID Tech. It was special because it used ascii artwork, had cheat codes, achievements, colored text and even music and sound effects from the game. This was especially … Read More

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Based on the 2005 movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, this build has been revised 4 times, and is the most accurate replica of the factory in Minecraft. Version four was a complete rebuild of the factory, now in its … Read More

Spongebob Replica

Minecraft Version: 1.7 Also made by: Minifigjoe, WizardSkinner, Harley6000 I grew up watching spongebob (primarily the 4 original seasons) and so in 2013 after looking through Minecraft videos I felt I should do my own replica of bikini bottom. My … Read More

RedstoneMC Server

Minecraft Version:1.13.2 (Pretend its 1.8) RedstoneMC was my original server, founded in 2014. It opened after a month of beta testing, in which one person attended the grand opening. The main attractions were the cart wash, museums and metro system. … Read More

Ball Factory 2

This is an improvement upon my original Ball Factory (unlisted), in that this version recycles all the materials so that the process is (theoretically) infinite. This is another project which I’ve been tweaking over the years, with the last major … Read More

Counting Sheep

This was my first scene trying to make something that would be visually appealing, and serve little purpose. I would say I did a pretty good job. I’m actually not sure when I made this so lets say 2015~ish

Automated water cycle

Although educational, this scene was created just for myself. When I made this I wanted to see how much non-functional decor I could add to it, and I’m quite pleased with the result. Over the years I’ve made small bug … Read More

Hungry Hungry Humans

Minecraft Version: 1.5 This was my first “big” redstone project, and was based upon an older hungry hippos minigame, but I saw how I could improve upon it by using the new hopper timers instead of a long length of … Read More

Candy Factory

This was based upon another candy factory I had seen on the Algobox website, in which it processed bars into chocolate cubes. I decided to make my own whimsical version, complete with a working crane system. For the time this … Read More

Hurricane Simulator

I made this as a proof of concept for the new /clone feature added in the 1.8 snapshot. Unfortunately later updates broke it, and even trying to open the world with 1.8 doesn’t work, hence why there is no file … Read More