Chaos Tower: Hi Rise

When I was a kid one year for Christmas I received the Chaos Tower for Christmas. I loved building marble runs and so this was like the next step for me. The completed build was taller than me! The motor … Read More

ImagineMC Server

2022 ImagineMC ceases operation. The following statement is released: After 8 years of entertaining guests with unique and innovation experiences, ImagineMC concluded operation on December 8th. This was not an easy decision for any of us to make, but the … Read More

Marble Factory

This was my first full creation in Marble World. I did a similar concept in Boom Blox years ago, where you would see the process of a product getting made, however in reality each machine was just looping its own … Read More

A lifetime of music

Over 20 years in the making, literally. I’ve been working on this project for a few months now on and off. This represents every year of my life in 4 songs or less. Each song represents what I was listening … Read More

Song: My Ire, Grows Higher

I’ve released my first solo song, “My Ire Grows Higher“, onto all major streaming platforms! It’s a parody* of “Hellfire” from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame. For the most part, I wrote the song backwards, with the finale being the … Read More

Virtual Pinball Machine

I was finally able to get the Arcade 1UP Pinball Machine for it’s original price, at a local best buy. I did a lot of research and my intent was to immediately mod it. I added some cosmetic upgrades, like … Read More

Game Builder Garage

Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage and Nintendo Switch Online are required to run these creations.

Mario Kart Garage Edition

Playable on Nintendo Game Builder Garage ID: G-003-1FK-J5N Created: 12/6/2021 Race around the living room in your very own kart! Includes boost pads, lap and race timers, AI opponent, and lap system. My best time is 55 seconds. I am … Read More

Wintergatan’s Marble Machine

Playable on Nintendo Game Builder Garage ID: G-008-NCC-7CM Created: 11/14/2021 Updated: 11/17/2021 I know next to nothing about making/reading/preforming music. That’s why I chose to remake a song in Game Builder Garage. Obviously. As it stands, the project file has … Read More

Vintage Pachinko

Playable on Nintendo Game Builder Garage ID: G-007-YWW-7R7 Created: 10/13/2021 Gamble like you’re in Japan with this 1950’s style Pachinko machine! Playing is simple, just pull back on the right Joystick to launch the balls into the machine. The further … Read More