Shooting Range

This is a laser based shooting range in the style of those seen at Disney World and arcades. Shooting at the red targets causes an action to happen, and everything resets after a short timer.

Jaws Ride Replica

This was one of my first audio synchronized videos. It was also the 2nd version of the jaws ride of which I had built, thus starting a wave of replicas I never realized would become so successful and long lasting. … Read More

Recycle Pinball

This was the first pinball machine I created in Algodoo, and the precursor to Alien Pinball. This machine awards points for landing in recycle bins, hitting posts and for making a dumpster shot. However the game proved to be very … Read More


This was one of the first things I created in Algodoo back in ~2011. It was based on my mom’s new desk toy which fascinated my endlessly. It was a volcano with beads submerged in water that would “explode” every … Read More

Short Story: ZooGilla (2010)

This was my first major work that I wrote. Every day after school I would write another chapter and revise the previous. My mom brought me into work early one morning to print out copies so I could sell them … Read More