Counting Sheep

This was my first scene trying to make something that would be visually appealing, and serve little purpose. I would say I did a pretty good job. I’m actually not sure when I made this so lets say 2015~ish

Automated water cycle

Although educational, this scene was created just for myself. When I made this I wanted to see how much non-functional decor I could add to it, and I’m quite pleased with the result. Over the years I’ve made small bug … Read More

Hungry Hungry Humans

Minecraft Version: 1.5 This was my first “big” redstone project, and was based upon an older hungry hippos minigame, but I saw how I could improve upon it by using the new hopper timers instead of a long length of … Read More

Candy Factory

This was based upon another candy factory I had seen on the Algobox website, in which it processed bars into chocolate cubes. I decided to make my own whimsical version, complete with a working crane system. For the time this … Read More

Hurricane Simulator

I made this as a proof of concept for the new /clone feature added in the 1.8 snapshot. Unfortunately later updates broke it, and even trying to open the world with 1.8 doesn’t work, hence why there is no file … Read More

Minecraft Pinball

Minecraft Version: 1.6 After watching sethbling’s pinball video I decided to try to make my own pinball machine without using anything nearly as complex. I nearly bit off more than I could chew, and the project became much more complex … Read More

Platform Racing 2

Before Minecraft, Algodoo, or any other computer program, this was my first big CAD (computer aided design) game that I used. I would play it almost daily. When I wasn’t in front of the computer (I was limited to how … Read More

Arcade Shooting Range

Created in Jun 2013 as a follow-up to the Algodoo shooting range, this uses similar scripting but features a new arcade environment and new effects. Unlike the original no video was made for this because I wasn’t thrilled with the … Read More

Iphone 5

Minecraft Version: 1.5 The Iphone 5 project was an interactive Iphone that featured apps that would take you to different “screens” which had various mini-games or models. I built this when I only had a flip phone and the 5 … Read More

Mini Golf

Minecraft Version: 1.5 The story behind this world is rather interesting. Originally, this was meant to be a whole server world. At the time I was tossing around the idea of making a server, and this was the second world … Read More