Testing 1-2, 1-2

Just seeing what I can do about making ImagineMC more accessible in the future. At the moment Mojang does not offer an official bedrock (The software back-end used to run mobile and Windows 10 editions, among others) server solution, and … Read More

HTML Project 2 (water sim)

Updated Jul 12th 2018 See blog post by clicking here – changes to compatibility and minor updates Original Post: Please make sure you read the Project 1 post first For our final project we had to make our own water … Read More

MOSI Project 3

I am continually reminded that making 1:1 scale is hard. I’m so used to making 3:4 scale that I keep making everything too small, and keep having to cut up and enlarge my build, which results in some interesting “designs”.


Just posted my full collection of photos to the “My Work” page, or check it out by clicking here!

MOSI in 2017

Ever since I was 5 I’ve been going to MOSI. Back in my day it was much different, with the second floor having the orange factory, and an entire interactive exhibit about Florida. On the third floor they had exhibits … Read More