Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

The third and version was built by JsMovieguy13, kamini14, and MrWonka. It features a brand new facade, and upgraded chocolate, tunnel and invention rooms. Its also worth noting that the new up & out was first of its kind, and … Read More

Master plan

I figured I should try to get my mind off how unnecessarily stressful my job is and onto something more constructive. So here’s the current “master to do list” for the next year or so. The order here means nothing, … Read More

video movements

Some of you may have noticed that some old videos re-emerged on the ImagineMC Extra channel today, and you’d be right. These three new uploads are “remastered” version of the previous, version, with the Hogwarts walk-through removing the Audible ad … Read More

Owl City’s Fireflies Dark Ride

After two years I decided that it was finally time to renovate the old fireflies ride and its facade to bring it up to par with my current works. Fireflies goes all the way back to the defunct MusicLand (located … Read More