New Back to the Future Ride Replica Finished!

(This is a paraphrase of the a post made on October 8th 2017, which was accidentally lost)

After over a month of work, jsmovieguy13 and I are proud to present the new Back to the Future Ride Replica! This replaces the two year old version that occupied the same space. The original version, built by Minifigjoe and I, taught us many things, like the importance of underground building, and particle effects. This new version is 4x larger than the previous, and features brand new effects, transitions, and an overall more detailed and thrilling experience.

One of the things we didn’t realize was how big of an undertaking this would be. We were truly upreared for how much of a pain this would be. Adding to this, Jsmovieguy and I are probably the least qualified people to be doing such a replica, as neither of us actually got to experience the original attraction in person, hence all of work had to be based on the current ride and (questionable) videos of the experience. Adding to this is the fact that replicating blurry footage of a twenty year old ride has proven to be difficult, as the footage is rather grainy, especially when it comes to fine details.

All in all though, we are both very pleased with the fruits of our labor and are very proud to present the new Back to the Future ride, expect a video of it shortly

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