More MOSI Progress (and setbacks)

So today has been all over the place for me, emotions wise. I went to the new MOSI and was really impressed by the new exhibits. I was able to get more reference photos for the project, and talked with the front desk about being able to take photos inside the old building for my project. The new location is actually right next to the old one, literally 100 feet from it. I also noticed quite a few of the old exhibits sprinkled throughout, with many of them having less functionality than before (ex, a crane control exhibit that used to have three stations, with two operating cranes and one operating a conveyor belt in the center is now just one station with one crane). After returning home, I received this email I decided to continue working on the project, and plan to make future contact with the staff regarding being able to get into the building, as I want my replica to not just be hollow buildings. Anyway, I’ll upload my new photos soon, and I’ll leave you with a progress GIF for the time being.

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