ImagineMC Achievements 2019

Since I compiled the achievements in April of 2019, I figured that I’d compile them again, a year later. For bonus points I even put them into an excel spreadsheet and made a graph!

A few things to note. Atlantis was reset, so I decided not to include it because it would be lower than expected. Also I think something was wrong with the castle achievement since somehow it went down?

Pessimistics may see the overall decline of increase as a sign of slower server growth, however that would be inncorrect. Achievements can only be given once, so when they were first introduced both regular and new players were receiving them, VS only new players getting them now. Instead a better comparision would be to compare new rides. In 2018, Myan Mind bender opened and received 65 unique riders. In 2019 smiler opened and got 78 unique riders, meaning the server is either growing or holding steady.

Also, here’s a teaser for Revenge of the Mummy.

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