First completed web page and the site future

Finally I’ve decided that one of the pages on this website is complete, that being the about page. On top of uploading a few more Algodoo creations (with downloads!) I worked heavily on the about page (previously just a contact form). The new about page takes a cue from the old website front page, with all the country flags displayed proudly.

You’ll also find legal information and of course the contact form. Going forward I’d like to focus heavily on the my-work page, and making that into possibly more than one page, since having the majority of the site content on one page doesn’t seem to do it justice.

As you may have already noticed, this site isn’t focused entirely on the Minecraft Server either (as was the case with the old website) and I instead plan to have a diverse set of listings, including, but not limited to, C++ work, Algodoo, html work, and of course Minecraft. In the future I’d like to have a little story that goes along with each listing, talking about creating the work, though for now I’m more concerned with getting everything posted, along with miscellaneous backstage work.

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