Do it all again

Whew. I survived Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. I’ve now seen everything. Both the best and worst in people, especially considering how drunk some people got before even entering the park. I was finally able to find the guest compliments left for me on twitter and was quite pleased with what people said. Below are the three I’ve gotten so far.

Post 1: Jul 29 @UniversalORL thank you Jarret at Volcano Bay for giving us the 411!
Post 2: Sep 20 @askuniversal and @UniversalORL -shoutout to our awesome ticket taker, jarret! He was awesome!
Post 3: Nov 2 Jarret at turnstiles is the bomb!! #askuniversal
For privacy I’ve removed usernames and user photos.

I was also able to take some time and re-think what I wanted to do going forward. This semester I’ve been having trouble with my math classes and I’ve continued the trend of being way too stressed and depressed. I remember during orientation they said that most engineering students don’t finish and the major had the highest failure rate. No kidding.

I considered quitting college and just working. I thought about quitting work and redoubling my efforts on classes I didn’t enjoy. I thought about taking a semester off from college. Finally after talking with my advisor and friends I choose that switching majors would be the best choice. This allowed me to spend the rest of this semester doing preforming errands, working on personal projects and taking care of myself while still working. A bit of a happy medium.

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