Depression by the numbers

Last week I came down with a throat infection which meant I couldn’t work on projects and class as much as usual. It also meant that I preformed poorly in class and on tests.

More damning is my YouTube stats. I’m aware that the algorithm and audiences are fickle, and the goal of my channel has always been to put out content I enjoy making, and for the most part this has worked. It is normal for views to go down in the first few months of the year, as most people are busy. Adding to this was the Polar Express copyright claim by WMG during peak winter season, which led me to redo all their claimed videos, leading to a massive fall in views. This time last year I was getting around 4k views on Saturdays. this year its 2.5k.

This on its own is not enough to warrant a blog post, however I’ve been uploading almost weekly now, and nearly all new videos are preforming poorly.

It’s frustrating to see things I put so much time effort and care into do badly, while other channels crank out content that isn’t theirs and get huge acclaim. Don’t get me wrong, I’m appreciative for everyone that watches my content and reads these posts, and perhaps I’m being unappreciative. It’s just very dissuading to not only have slow forward progress but even backwards in some regards, and makes me wonder what changed?

Regarding my weight loss, I’ve lost a little bit and will be seeing a dietician soon. However all this has not been helping.

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