So. During the summer I have to move out of my dorm. During this stressful and busy time the server also just so happened to crap out leading to a 3 day outage. In the mean time I’ve posted two videos and have had both preform rather poorly. To add insult in injury YouTube earnings are down. Ive since moved out of my dorm and into a house in Orlando and have been applying for jobs even before I moved. So far I’ve mostly gotten nothing. Universal is the only one to atleast formally decline my application, which I appreciate. SeaWorld however. *standby for rant* I applied a month in advance in April. At that time they wanted to hire me, however because I couldn’t start working immediately I was asked to re-apply later. Okay no biggie. I did that, but the system had an error meaning I didn’t get assigned an interview like I was supposed to. Went in person and got an interview. I was told I would know the results in 1-2 days. 4 days later and I still haven’t heard anything, so today I went back in and found out they are no longer hiring for my position. It is at this time that words fail me.

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