Happy Birth Anniversary

Today is my 20th birth-anniversary (Because you have a wedding day, then each subsequent year a wedding anniversary). Today I’ve enjoyed a day off and talked with my family and had lunch with my day. I also bought Super Mario … Read More

A park is born

After 9 months of work (Or what doctors would call a prolonged pregnancy) we are pleased to announce our newest park, Worlds Of Adventure! Worlds Of Adventure, or WOA for short, is our most realistic park to date. Featuring more … Read More

A volcano at bay

Today I completed my first day of (paid!) training for a certain popular Orlando water-park. Aside from the expected company propaganda and many rules and paperwork, to my surprise they also talked about benefits. One of interest includes free admission … Read More

FAQ & New Content

I get the same questions almost on a daily basis now that I’ve decided to create a FAQ on the about page. I genuinely tried to put the best responses to them, and avoid the temptation of putting massive sarcasm … Read More

Achievement Get

I’d like to thank everyone for helping me to reach this point. Truly without all of you this great feat would not of been possible! On May 13 the MrWonka channel hit a big milestone, truly worthy of celebration. For … Read More