A park is born

After 9 months of work (Or what doctors would call a prolonged pregnancy) we are pleased to announce our newest park, Worlds Of Adventure!

Worlds Of Adventure, or WOA for short, is our most realistic park to date. Featuring more traditional roller-coasters than the other two parks, it is our intent to continue to grow this park, as we now have a strong and devoted team behind it. Right now the park features three zones. First is Mainstreet, where various facilities are located including a shop, cafe, fruit bar, and a first for the server, bathrooms.

WOA Mainstreet

On the right is X-Sector, based on Alton Tower’s land of the same name, it features the most accurate replica in Minecraft of The Smiler, featuring real on-ride audio.

X-Sector’s Smiler Roller-Coaster

Finally, on the opposite side of the park is SteamWorks, a SteamPunk themed area featuring SteamFoundry, a “trackless” ride that features a heavily themed queue and launch segments.

SteamFoundry, a launch coaster located in SteamWorks.

This park has been our largest collaboration since the Polar Express, and was made possible thanks to Bariton3, MrWonka, Alieniator, OceanBluz, and Nintendo_male.

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