911, whats your emergency?

This was not a post I thought I’d ever be writing. I’ve gone 20 years now without needing any emergency services. This streak ended on November 13th. I’ve been “forced” to rent a room near universal because 1, most hotels won’t allow unaccompanied guests under 21 to stay. 2, doing the 70 minute drive 6 times in a weekend was killing me. So I resorted to using a house on a booking site. This had been fine for my last few stays, with exception to the area being somewhat dodgy.

I arrived half an hour late at the room I’ve been renting. The owner was waiting on me and gave me the keys and new WiFi password. He said he had to change it due to kicking out an old tenant and not to let anyone in. There was a stray cat that I petted. I watched videos in my room for 2 hours when I heard knocking outside. I waited for them to go away, but they were persistent. I got dressed and got my phone and keys in case something bad happened. Outside was a Russian lady with a back pack with an American flag sticking out. I looked around and noticed that she didn’t have a car. In her hand was the key lock, which she had removed from the door handle. She said that she had paid for a room and didn’t have the key. Her English was poor so I translated “I am not the owner and do not have the key. I cannot let you in, you need to contact the owner. ” even if I did let her in neither of us had the key to her room. The cat from earlier kept trying to sneak in, which I thought was an eerie coincidence. She stated that she understood but wouldn’t back down so I swiftly closed the door. She tried to stop me but failed. Then I heard, “obscenity! Let me in!” followed by hard kicking on the door. I put my back against it right as she broke the frame that was keeping the door locked. I then heard hard banging on the window but she didn’t break it.

Image used for demonstration, Not the actual door. Image from www.temecula-handyman.com

I frantically called 911 while crying and hyperventilating and within minutes there were 8 officers. They said they had been there yesterday and didn’t like the house. The woman was fined with forced entry and I was able to call the owner and the police spoke with him. The police asked if I was comfortable with her staying inside to which my response was a resounding NO. After they were done questioning me I went and packed my stuff to head back to my dorm. Looking at my door here I have a new appreciation for it being thick and having a large strike-plate

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